It began oh so faintly, but it’s getting louder. Do you hear it?  It’s the sound of Christmas.  I have never really stopped to think about what Christmas “sounds” like at our house, but tonight, as I reflect on the past weekend, I hear it.  And it’s so much different than how I might have described it until I stopped and listened.ornament

It sounds like Emma, (age 7) playing on her piano and singing Christmas Carols day after day.

It sounds like Carter, each day meticulously planning on how he wants to surprise and bless his siblings

It sounds like Caleb working SO SO hard organizing and building a wall this weekend to help bless our close friends with a MAJOR surprise redo in their house.

It sounds like the familiar beep of a facebook message from Kendra, stirring up a surprise of her own, after years of blessing their dad with the gift of blessing someone else.

It sounds like Matt’s (our Marine’s) text arriving on Tom’s phone – “I’m at the airport, I ‘m on the plane, I’m in Chicago, I’m delayed, and then… Home Sweet Home.”

And then – it sounded like hugs and squeels and hand holding.  Our big brother/son was home.

It sounds like Tom saying – “I didn’t sleep at all last night because I’m worried about you” and then rolling over and just hugging me.

It sounds like that slaps on the back when father and son who have missed each other dearly hug tightly.

It sounds like the brush of the kleenex as countless videos have me wiping tears of joy for the love of the Holiday Season.

Oh – Christmas – it sounds like my Hubby and Kids, and the things they do that show they Love Jesus – a whole bunch.

I, for many years, thought it was the sound of bells jingling and Santa Ho-Ho-Ho’in and paper tearing and laughter filling the air.  Serendipitous scenes that left me feeling like I wasn’t quite adding up.

But as I stop and listen, it’s so much different than I imagined.  I want our Christmas to be a time of celebrating Jesus – his birth, his death and his coming again.  I want what I listen for to be the sound of the trumpet blowing signaling his triumphant return.

But I also want it to be a time when we are real.  When we don’t build up such false hopes of “the perfect Christmas” that we feel we fall short because something goes wrong, or everyone else seems to do it just a bit better.  You see, every Christmas is the perfect Christmas – because it is about Christ’s birth – and what could be MORE PERFECT than that?

Whether it is laughter or tears, arguments or hugs, may your ears be in tune with the most perfect message this Christmas – Jesus.  And may you hear his love today, as you interact with the world and the people in it.  We can’t hide ourselves away, we live in this materialistic world.   But we can listen with ears that might hear what Jesus hears.  What does it sound like at your house?