So, the flu has been making it’s way through our house, and today it stopped at me.  Needless to say, I spent the day in 2 spots.  One was a very comfy couch in our basement.  (I won’t divulge the other:-) 

As I was weak and tired and struggling, God made it so clear to me what awesome kids I have, and how much they love me.  Seriously, if I had the energy, I’d have been in tears. 

The boys had early out Wednesday, and Caleb didn’t want to go to his normal “sitter”.  He wanted to come home with me…  cuz he didn’t want me to have to be alone.  So, he sat by me quietly and read.  Wow!  What an angel!

Then, Emma gets home.  She was such a little mother.  Honestly, I felt like one of her dollies and she just lavished love on me. 

And after church Carter comes down and just holds me close.  Asks me if I’m doing better. 

You know, there are a lot of days when I think that I’m not doing such a great job as a mom.  I get crabby over little things and yell to much, and, and, and… 

Today, the love these 3 (and Tom!) lavished on me was so affirming.  “Thank you God for blessing me with such a great family!  Thank you that how they covered me with their love today is but a taste of the goodness and love that you have for me.  Thank you, that even in the midst of the yucky’s you can open my eyes to blessing.  You are such an awesome Father!”

As far as reading goes, well….  I made 7 chapters.  So, I’m going go finish in bed, and hopefully tomorrow morning will hold more strength… and a post from me!