Over the last week, I have been blessed to be able to pray with others in a variety of formats for a variety of circumstances.  Blessed doesn’t even begin to cover my emotions.

You see, for many years, I coveted my friends who were prayer warriors.  Others (including myself) called them with prayer requests on a regular basis.  I found myself feeling like I could never be “as good” at praying as they were.  (or enjoy it as much)

Funny how God can change our perspective.

 Now I find that, my prayers likely haven’t changed that much, but my heart has.  When I was doubting myself, I think I was praying more for my benefit and glory than to just simply stand in the gap for someone.  When the position of my heart isn’t right for prayer, the attack of my thoughts rushes right in.

More and more I find myself asking people how I can pray for them, or just praying without them knowing I’m doing so.  I’ve developed a passion for praying for leaders.  (Because who else is? we tend to be critical, but that’s another story!)  Anyway, as I focus on praying for people for their benefit and for God’s plan to be done, I find so much joy in it.

I likely don’t say or pray anything that much different than I ever have…  However, I continue to pray my heart is right and that whatever I am praying for, that I am doing it in God’s will and for his glory.

As I reflect on the opportunities of this past week, I’m blown away at how God can get me so excited just to be able to pray for someone.   How in my quiet time, I find joy in being alone with God and just lifting others up.  And at other times, laying hands on someone and praying over them.  And still other times, holding a microphone in front of an entire room to pray.  The format has become less important…

As I continue to seek God’s will for me as an intercessor, I seek a heart after his heart.

Lord, thank you for the people you have put in my path that I can pray for.  Thank you for giving me a passion to pray and for an increase in confidence to pray for others.  May I continue to seek you on behalf of so many others, many of which are hurting and desperate.  And may you give me ears to hear you as I stand in the gap!