Why God?  Why me?  Why now??? 

Why did I get to wake up with 2 of the three kids standing next to me giggling and then jumping in bed with us and laughing?

Why did I get to sing in church today with my son as close as he could get, singing his heart out and lifting his hands? 

Why did I get to enjoy burgers fresh off the grill that my husband made for me?

Why did I get to go for a bike ride in the beautiful sunny weather with the family? 

Why did I get the treat of the entire family helping pot and water flowers and make memories?

Why did I get to take a 20 minute nap in the chair in the sun ALONE???

Why did I get to watch the kids play out front, and run and laugh and get filthy dirty? 

Why did I get to listen to my husband whisper cute nice things to me?

Why did I get to go to a bible study and fall in love with you more?

Why did I get to kiss my kids goodnight (well, except the big ones!) and tuck them in?

Why did I get to snuggle with Emma and rock her to sleep?  and then hold her and hold her!

Why???  Why did I get blessed?  Why me?  What did I do to deserve this???? 

So many times, we doubt when things go wrong Lord.  Today, I wanted to ask “why” when everything seemed perfect… 

Why do we only ask why when it’s not what we want? 

Thank you God.  For pure enjoyment and blessing.  I think I saw a bit of heaven today, and I pray I’ll see a bit everyday! 

How about you in blog land?  (If their is anyone reading this?)  Why you?  Why did you….  I’d love to hear….  Post a comment and share your “Why me???”