My kids went to bed a couple hours late last night.  School had already cancelled in anticipation of the blizzard, and I was enjoying a bit of extra time with us gathered together in the living room.  As I tucked Emma in and prayed, the stress of the blizzard coming melted into thankfulness for a God who can literally make time stop.  In the midst of rearranged travel plans, and job responsibilities, God gently reminded me that sometimes he has to blow in to get us to be still.

I wonder how often in life we miss the beauty and the presence the Lord, because we are busy doing.  I pulled my warm covers over me pondering this thought in my own quiet time with the Lord late last night.

Early this morning Emma was by my bed.  The wind was howling, literally shaking our house, and she was scared.  But no snow.  My thoughts automatically drifted to what if they missed it and we don’t get a blizzard.  Had I made the right decisions the day before in preparation for this?

A mere hour later, as the alarm sounded, I awoke to a snowy wonderland.  It’s snowing and blowing.  The roads are terrible and we can’t see the neighbors.  Here’s the view out my front screen door.  (Nope – that isn’t a terrible photo, that’s snow..)



I pushed past the snow covered door, and stepped out into the covering of my front porch.  In this pocket of protection from the blizzard storming around me, I could see God’s beauty.  Even as the wind howled and my hair whipped, God was making things beautiful.


Today, I’m being purposeful in seeing the beauty in the storm.  We are all at home, around the fireplace.  God cancelled our plans for the day so that we could listen for his plans.  We’re going to be still.  (Mostly because we can’t really get anywhere!)

Sometimes life is like that.  Warmer temps had melted snow and left behind gravel and grunge.  And although we are in a storm, God is making things beautiful again.  Fresh and clean and crisp.  He’s washing us white as snow.  Blowing into the hidden places, and leaving behind a glistening layer of silky white diamonds.

Today, you may be in a storm.  Maybe it’s your marriage, or your children; you finances, or a hard situation in life.  Whatever storm you are in, no matter how suddenly it blew in, God is making things beautiful.  He is working.  He’s not surprised, and he’s not snowed in.  But he will make something beautiful out of dust.

No matter what your circumstances today, look for God’s beauty.  Ask him to give you eyes to see his beauty, and to wash you white as snow.