Today I am filled with Peace like a River over my soul….
God is Soooooo Good!  I was so blessed by so many at the COMPEL conference this weekend.  The Leadership team is an incredible group of women, and I am SO excited to be able to work with them.  I got to know them better and see insights and glimpses of how truly in Love with God they are.  What a blessing.
God sent confirmations and love from some of the participants who shared some things with me that made me weep, but also gave me a sense of His great love for Me…. 
Joanna was a loving caring speaker who produced laughter and tears.  More importantly, she is an intercessor and being with her during multiple prayer times was a blessing.
Some of my dearest friends from Sioux Center came and were there with me, which meant a ton!  To be able to look through tears while standing up front and see their smiles in the back was so affirming.  God has blessed me with good friends who really love me!  Thanks girls! 
I got home and Tom, who had been so supportive and loving of the weekend and of my new role, asked me to take a weekend away with him alone to Cancun. This is something we haven’t done since our honeymoon!  We love Cancun and have some favorite spots to visit:-)  La Parilla here we come!  (OH I CAN’T WAIT!)  and the orphanage will get a visit with some clothes too!
Today at church, Pastor Rick spoke to things that were near and dear to me!  It was the first time in a LONG time that I felt connected at church.  Like my thouhts aligned!  Praise God…  I was very much in need of some love for my church! 
So tonight, as I sit here, I am simply peaceful.  For today, everything is in align.  We’ve had a great day and I am still soaking in His presence. Thank you Lord!