Yep, you read that right – TRIPLE rainbow!  The first night in the Black Hills proved to be eventful, and we certainly saw God showing off!  After meeting our sweet cabin neighbors we sat on our little patio and watched a great rain shower.  It didn’t last long, but smelled wonderful!  As the rain subsided, the sun was shining bright, and right about our heads was not one, not two, but THREE rainbows.  A sweet moment of reflecting on rainbows and their sign of God’s promises in the bible followed as we all looked up in awe.  It really was quite spectacular.  I was only able to capture 2 of the three on my camera, but the memories are there all the same.

After the rain, we drove to a little town nearby and purchased some milk and headed back to our cabin.  Our sweet neighbors had told us about the drive up to Custer Peak, which was right by our cabin.  SO… we thought if they drove it we should too.  (Note to self, next time ask for a few more details from said neighbors!)

A long road past a beautiful prairie filled with deer, and the a sharp right to go up the peak.  Never mind the sign that said vehicles over 20 feet should NOT take this road,  (Or that we were in our Ford F150 truck) up we went.

At  first it was beautiful.  And then…. well then I realized that the road had gotten significantly narrower and the incline, much steeper.  (Not to mention the abrupt drop off!)  2 of the 3 kids were whaling in the back seat, and I couldn’t even look to the drivers side of the truck because it was so close to the edge.  Blech.  Tom just kept saying, “Sure hope I don’t have to back down this…”  At one point I said “how much further do you think we should go, do you think you even can back down this?”  (which of course, my macho man could do no problem!)  Alas we came to the end of the road and realized the rest would need to be walked on foot.  Thank the good Lord there was enough room to turn around, and down we went.  (With 2 kids still crying!)

Driving back on the long straight (and level road) through the pasture we see a moose.  KID YOU NOT!!!  Big grand moose all the way across the meadow.    I thought Tom might drive off the road looking at it!  So big and majestic and just staring at us.  (Well, across the meadow, but you know!)  OF course, it was the one time I didn’t have my camera, so no photos!   Over the course of the week we would drive that road every night we were at the cabin near dusk, just looking for our moose.

On a lighter note, that moose was in heat.  The first two nights we were there I was awakened to this LOUD noise that seemed like it was right outside our window (I may or may not have gotten up to check the first night:-0)  After the initial shock, it was quite lovely to listen to the moose mating call.  YEP – only on a Sandbulte vacation!