I’m a big advocate for using technology to the full extent for GOOD.   I wanted to share with my friends in blog world a couple of my most favorite finds…

I am a bit impatient (If you know me, please don’t roll your eyes!)  I realized a while back how much time I was spending poking around on Facebook while waiting in line to pick up kids, or before a kids activity, etc.  So, I went looking for an app for my smart phone that would help me make a bit more productive use of my time.  I speak quite a bit about bringing Jesus into EVERY area of your life.  I thought that this waiting time would be a perfect place to put Jesus in tangible ways.

I found this nifty app called Prayer Journal for my Android phone.  Now, when I encounter people and give them that token “I’ll pray for that” I actually put it down in my phone app.  I can sort by category and add notes or mark answered.  I strategically placed this app right next to my Facebook app.  So, now it is a conscious choice.  Should I say some prayers, or browse Facebook.  I’ll be honest, it takes discipline.  I find myself praying ALOT more.  (And yet still connecting with peeps via Facebook)

It happened for the second time (at least) last week, and I just sat in awe.  You see, God had moved in a major way and prompted me to do a 24 hour prayer vigil for a co-worker whose baby was in the NICU with several areas of concern.

As I contemplated how to go about it I assumed, there must be something out on the web that could do this for me.  (This idea came to me because of a meal planning app I had been a part of for a family that had a loved one in the hospital – lotsahelpinghands.com)  As I Googled prayer vigil and prayer times, I was surprised at the number of “non-christian” options that I had.  (More on that some other time:-)  I came across this great website called signupgenius.com.  I was able to set up the 24 hour prayer vigil with 1 hour prayer slots.  I simply added the link to Facebook and we were off.  Friends were sharing, and before I knew it (literally, like in an hour) we were nearly filled.  I went back in and was able to easily add participant slots and email all those who had signed up.  With a few simple clicks, I managed to pull off this last minute prayer vigil with close to 100 people, send updates, and get emails from participants.  wow.  Honestly, I took me less than 1/2 hour to get the thing going.  We started planning at 1 pm for a 6pm start.  TELL ME THAT TECHNOLOGY ISN’T AWESOME!!!!

Like everything else we face, technology can be a friend or a foe.  I challenge you to examine how you are using it, and to spend some time in prayer considering other opportunities for use that would be glorifying to God.

How about you?  What apps do you use that are creative and glorify God???  I’d love your feedback!