I LOVE A CHALLENGE!!!  How about you…  Well, if so, have I got one for you!

It started last night when I was driving to Sioux City for a Compel meeting.  I was listening to some teaching on my IPOD, and was totally reviatlized! 

The speaker hit one some things that totally spoke to me.  The one that I’m SO excited about was a challenge in reading our bibles.  He talked about how most people, if you asked them would say that they read the bible.  But, if you dug deeper, we would see that the “thought” of reading the bible is more prevalent than actually reading it.  He challenged to spend 1 hour a day reading it.  (Seriously, I know I have that time in my day, I just need to prioritize it!) 

But then he hit on what REALLY got me going…  Did you know that if you read:
10 Chapters a day
6 Days a week
For 1 month….


You see, when I read my bible, I always feel like I’m wandering here and there.  Hunting and pecking….  As I read, I’m either looking for something specific, or I feel like I’m not hitting on what I’m suppose to be (For the most part… at times, I get delightfully surprised!) 

SO…. the thought of a one month plan to read through is awesome to me.  10 chapters is totally doable! 

Now…. don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking about just reading words on the page to say I’ve got my reading done.  He challenged me to pray prior to even opening the bible.  God, guide me as I read and highlight what it is that you have for me.  Reveal to me what you would speak to me today, with where I am in my life…”  (I think you get what I’m saying!) 

SO…. I’m embarking on this journey (as of last night!)  DOES ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME????

I would love to have you join me in reading and posting.  My plan is to post here and on http://www.compelconference.blogspot.com/.  Each day I will share what particular thing God highlighted for me that day.  Then, I’d LOVE for you to share your comments, or just ask for accountability.  When we’re done, we’ll have an awesome log of how God was speaking to us in the New Testament.  For such a time as this! 

I’d LOVE to hear from you!  (and know that you’re there to hold me accountable if nothing else!) 

So…. Here goes…

Day 1 – Matthew Ch. 1-10

I was worried as I read that I wasn’t going to have anything to write on the first day! 

Then I got to Matthew 10:37-39 –

“Anyone who loves his father or mother mroe than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.  Whoever finds his life will lose it, and he whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

WOW…..  As a mom, this hit at the heart level.  In my mind, I know that my priorities should be 1)God, 2) Family, and 3) work….  Lots of times in my life I had this order messed up (with work as #1)  But… if I really check my heart…. I think there are MANY times, when I love my kids more than I think I love God.  They are precious to me, and I will drop almost anything to be there for them.  To make them smile, and hear them giggle.  I’ve always known that god wants that from me.  But…. as I read this, it really stuck out that God says we’re not worthy of him….  Thank heavens we have a gracious God!  But…. this to me was a great reminder of how we should prioritize.  He wants me to be a good mom.  BUT…. I will be the best mom I can be if I let him come first and be my center…. 

“God, I pray that you’ll give me gentle reminders of how to prioritize my life.  Help me Lord to put you as my first love.  You are so good, and gracious!  May I find renewed energy and zeal for more and more of you!”