Every once in a while we all need to disconnect in order to reconnect. I have found myself running on empty for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the one who normally bears the brunt of my empty tank is my dear sweet husband. As I work on writing a book, doing ministry work, and being mom, it is all to easy to lose sight of my role as a Godly wife. I begin to take things for granted. I snap too quickly and use a tone that doesn’t say “I am sure lucky to have you as my best friend.”

Here’s the deal… I find this is true in my marriage, but also in my relationship with the Lord. It is so easy to get busy doing, and forget to just “be” with him.

So…. I’m off on a getaway. Tom spoils me so. We’re heading for sunny Cabo San Lucas Mexico. To do absolutely nothing, but everything. You see sitting on the beach reading and soaking in the sun and walking hand in hand, that is balm for this tired and weary soul. We have no big plans, but we have huge plans… because are plans are about one another. It’s not about what we do, it’s about who we are doing it with.

And, in the middle of it all, we will connect with God. When we slow down and take in his beauty, he touches us. When we say “Today belongs to you Lord, guide our footsteps.”

Earlier this week I was feeling guilty because I will be sitting on a beach while dear friends are ministering in Haiti. As we prepared though, it was like the Lord was saying, taking time for your marriage is a mission field as well. If you are going to be mom, and minister to others, etc. you must preserve your marriage first, always…

SO…. you may or may not hear from me at the beach, but know that God will be forming words within me. I’m proud to say i’m on a mission trip. Say some prayers that God uses this time to lead and guide us in our marriage and our ministry.