Today…  Luke 20 – John 6

Luke 22:61 – The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. 

So, those words alone aren’t so profound.  However, in context, they are bone chilling.  You see, Jesus had predicted Peter’s denial.  Jesus was the only apostle that was daring enough to stay close to Jesus when they arrested him.  Yeah Peter! but then it happened….  3 times he denied him.  Imagine these eyes turning to you after your third time denying him… 

I read this and I thought to myself…  Sitting here, it’s easy to think – wow Peter, he told you what would happen and you still fell prey to Satan.  But, seriously, what makes me think I would be any different.  I’ve been convicted alot lately about fear of man.  Not fear of death, but just what they will think of me.  So, who am I to scoff Peter…  He was fearful of death.  I, on the other hand, hold back at times, because I’m afraid of offending others, or of what they will think….  Convicting! 

“Lord, I ask that I would have the courage to ALWAYS acknowledge you.  Even if that means embarassment.  Remove my pride and help me to walk firm in your directions.  Guide my steps and give me wisdom and boldness!”