I can’t help but smile today.  We have a blizzard coming, and everyone’s plans for Christmas are up in the air.  Talk to anyone and that is the talk.  So – why am I smiling?  Well, I imagine that God has a perfect plan in this.  Isn’t it just like him to send a major snow storm to help us slow down?  It’s as if he is saying – “excuse me, but LISTEN – slow down and take in the bithday of my son – enough already!” 

AND I imagine that this year, more than others, my family will have quality time together and that we’ll focus more on Jesus and the season, instead of the presents and the business. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t imagine that he doesn’t want us to do any presents or see family.  If wtih the right heart, I think he rejoices in those things.  I just think that we’ve allowed ourselves to get things out of perspective a bit.  So, perhaps instead of cursing the storm, we should stop and say “THANK YOU” or “I’m LISTENING”

I am praying for safety during this storm.  I’m praying for the homeless and those without food.  What a terrible time for them.  Be near God, and protect.  But I’m also praying that in the slowness of it, that we can remember who sent the storm, and that we can worship him in wonder.