If you’ve ever attended a Christian retreat, you know that the morning after can be a bit, well…. surreal.  Head swimming with motivation from your time away, and eyes droopy from not getting good sleep in a hotel, all while extra hugs and attention needed for the kiddos who are happy to see you at home.

That was my life today.  (Oh, and it was a work day:-)

As my head sorts through the many thoughts from the weekend, I’m still processing.  And as I read blog posts and Facebook comments today, I was smiling a big smile.  So many lives touched, dreams realized..  incredible.   Time with my sweet friend Lelia, priceless.

As I process everything that was said at Jumping Tandem – the Retreat, it’s not the words that changed me.  (Although there some GREAT words bought!)  What I got the most out of was just watching.  You see, women flew across the country and arrived with hearts that were full of excitement to meet their friends, their soul mates.  Many of these women knew more about each other and had related in deep, sincere ways.  And yet, they had never met in person.  As I watched them put a name and a face together with a hug, it was, well… amazing.

I’ll be honest, I have been cynical about blogging relationships in the past.  I feel like so often we get caught up in the if you follow me, I’ll follow you and our “platform” will grow.  I’ve feared the “what’s in it for me?” would end up leaving me disappointed in relationships.  In real life, I have struggled with sincere friendships with other women, and so I allowed this battle to affect my perception of online blogging relationships.  But, watching and listening to these women….  Seeing their eyes light up as they hugged what they consider to be one of their best friends for the first time ever… well, I was inspired.  So tonight, I’m putting one foot forward in really, sincerely, joining the community.  Not just throwing out my thoughts for my benefit, or to record them for my kids, but to build community.


How about it?  Will you join me?  Get to know me in a real way?  Share life with me?  I’d love to be in “community” with you.  I promise that I’ve parked my “attitude” and am putting my best foot forward:-)  Let’s walk together a while and be real with one another!