Have you ever thought about what might happen if you walked into work today and discovered you no longer had a job, or that the company was going out of business?  What if you discovered they had no money to pay you and you wouldn’t be receiving a paycheck?  What if your boss quits and they hire someone new who is really, really hard to work with?

So many times in this crazy busy world, we don’t pause and say THANKS in the small things.  Be thankful you have a job to go to, many do not.  Be thankful for the good qualities in your boss, remember, their IS someone worse!  Celebrate the free coffee, or the person in the cubicle next to you.  They are such a big part of your life.  What if tomorrow they passed suddenly?

Today, as we prepare for a feast on Thanksgiving tomorrow, and that crazy Black Friday shopping, what if we paused, and said THANKS for the small things at work?  For you see, those small things, well, they might turn into much bigger things.

Many times what we focus on as negative seems so big, and when we turn our eyes to what could be instead, we don’t stop to consider that where we are right now, even in the small things, might really be pretty good.

And if it is hard right now, then be purposeful to look for good.  I promise you, it’s there!

So… on #workdaywednesday and this #thanksgivingeve, Give thanks in the small things, for they could be BIG things.