takes one

 Let’s face it, being a mom can be down right hard some days. Over the course of the past summer, as we’ve walked into the reality of yet another diagnosis with Carter, I’ve carried a burden that can bring me to tears in a moments notice. He such a good kid, a really.great.kid. He makes me smile. Often. But at times, being mom is hard. (hard on dad too)

We’ve been having lots of conversation about the upcoming “swimming” season at our house. Both boys are great swimmers, but it is a lot of work. It is also REALLY good for Carter. REALLY good. Of course, he is convinced that all the kids there don’t like him and talk behind his back, and doesn’t want to go out. We know this isn’t the case, but in Carter’s thoughts, reality is something different.

It’s funny how things can change though. One night this past week, Tom and I were in the barn, and I heard someone. And there, in our yard, was the swimming coach. Checking in on the boys, because she hadn’t heard from us. The boys were at football practice, but we had a great conversation about both boys. And in her eyes, I could see that these were more than swimmers to her. I could see Jesus in her eyes.

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved [a]you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God [b]as a fragrant aroma.

Ephesians 5:1-2

It takes one to know one. That’s true of us Christians sometimes. Coach and I have never had an in depth conversation about faith, and yet, I know that she loves Jesus. I can see it in her eyes and it in her actions, the way she smiles at the kids.

But there’s something else. You see, coach has lived through her own struggles. It’s a little thing, but I bet it was a big thing to her. Her had has some deformities. The boys asked her once, and (gulp) to be honest, I can’t remember what happened. But I’m certain that she has worked through her own insecurities, and doubts. She’s put up with kids teasing her because she is different.

So when you combine Jesus and her past experiences, she so gets Carter. And she cares. And doing something as simple as stopping by our house to check on the boys, well, it might just be one of those moments that is life changing for them. You should have seen them when I told them coach stopped by. I’m telling you, it mattered in huge ways. HUGE.

Because, it takes one to know one. Carter can’t verbalize it, but he is smart. He knows that coach has struggled in her lifetime for being different. And Coach, because she has struggled knows what it is like to be that kid. He also knows that he can see Jesus in her. His sense of discernment is good – very good.

And then there’s the mama. (You know, the one that can cry at a moments notice !)  Fast blinking and wiping tears, I was moved by the Jesus that I saw in her. I’m telling you, it was like an angel was standing there before me. She cared and for that moment, was carrying the burden with us.  And I was a bit undone by it all.

How about you? Where has life taken you that is preparing you to minister to others? In what small ways can you make a kingdom impact today? How in you job can you love like coach loved her swimmer?

I’m challenged to be an imitator of God, to walk in love. In many circumstances, it takes one to know one. It takes having walked through hurt similar to be able to truly identify. If God is calling you to reach out to someone… do. Even if you aren’t certain, just do it in love. Christ like love!