God works in some amazing ways.  I posted this verse in my last post.  Since that time, I have come across it 4 times.  SERIOUSLY….4.  Each time I just smiled.  I get it God.  It’s not coincidence, it’s you.  (grinning even as I write this!)   
I went back this morning and just processed it some.  In context, this was after Moses had died and God was calling Joshua into leadership.  Not once, but twice, within a couple of verses, God reassures Joshua of the call he has put before him. 
I’m like that.  I need reassuring sometimes.  I need God to tell me things, sometimes more than once.  Sometimes, 4,5,6 times.  Sometimes he does this in a matter of a week. Sometimes it is over years of learning. 
I’m so blessed to know a God who cares to weave such an intricate plan for my life.  Thank you Lord.  Really….  It’s ovewhelming to think of how he loves us!
So…. I’d love for you to share.  How is God calling you to be strong and courageous.  What is he calling you to?  What has he asked you to do that you are thinking… Really?  Me God???
If you’re not sure he is… listen closely.  Maybe it’s the gut feeling you have, or more apparent things.  BUT HE IS CALLING YOU…..  Please leave a comment!  I’d love to be able to pray for you!