As we close in on the tour of homes, I’m left feeling bewildered by it all!  (YES, I took your word for the day Niki!)  We have literally worked to finish each thing, clean each thing, and decorate in a beautiful fashion.  (With a great deal of help!)  While it’s been a blessing to see those who have helped and supported, (including my dear friend Jill Kerby who brought over a delightful home cooked meal tonight:-))  it also leaves me feeling the shallowness of it all.  We’re striving for perfection with our home so that others will think we are good housekeepers and homeowners????  Seriously??? 

Why don’t I strive for perfection with my God?  I need to keep my eyes on the prize….  turn them to Jesus and find solitude in that. 

Each day I feel more and more hungry for God.  The songs that run through my head aren’t as good as the quiet time anymore.  I need more of that! 

So, a tour is going through, for a great cause – cancer research.  I’m glad we’re getting ready, but I also want to keep things in perspective.  I’m faced with the reality each day that Jesus may return.  He will not care how my house looks, or if he sees a bit of dust somewhere.  That is unless that dust is within the heart that he lives in. 

Tonight I’m asking my accountability people to hold me true to this…  I want to spend the next 3 weeks getting myself ready for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as I have spent the last three weeks getting my home ready.  I feel guilty for having to even ask for accountability, but I want to seriously do some cleaning house in my spiritual walk and reunite with the God of the universe in a new way.  I want to be Striving for perfection….  so that he may someday say well done, good and faithful servant!