I’m still recoiling from an AMAZING weekend at a writers conference called re:Write.  I learned a great deal about the industry.  Given my starting point, (know so little) that wasn’t a hard task!

More amazing was what I learned about the LOVE of our Father.  I happened across this conference by accident via a facebook post by @MaryDeMuth.  I’ll be honest, I went mostly becuase Ken Blanchard was going to speak and the attendee number was around 100.  Little did I know how blessed I would be.

Friday, we got to hear Paul Young share from his heart.  Paul is the author of the Shack, and more importantly, an incredible man of God that moved me to be a “different” Christian.  (More on that later!)

Friday night, Ken Blanchard talked.  Honestly, he is such a legend.  If you don’t know who he is, check him out here… http://www.kenblanchard.com/

I have shared his Situational Leadership Model with literally hundeds of people over the years.  (Amonst much of his other work!)  Not only did I get to walk right up to him and visit briefly and have a photo taken, but…. I got to ask him to review my book.  I handed him my proposal and asked if he would be willing to take a look at it and give me his opinion.  I was expecting a kind – I’m sorry, but we just get to many requests for that and I can’t.  Instead…. one of my icons was so kind and sweet.  He said, I would love to take that with me.  I have a team I work with and we would love to look at it.  And then he kindly handed it to a gentleman that was with him and said please make sure we take this with us.  WOW… NO REALLY – WOW!!!!  HONESTLY…..  who gets to have that kind of conversation.  To say I was on cloud 9 might be an understatement!

Here’s the photo we took together!

Right after this photo was taken, Jim Henderson did a panel interview with Ken Blanchard, George Barna and Paul Young.  The wisdom on that stage was almost unthinkable… (And I got to visit with each of these individuals personally…. really!)


Here’s what struck me from this panel interview.  When asked who was the most influential to them…  2 of them answer their wives.  WOW!!!  Not in a cleche way, but in a real, sincere, here’ why way!  LOVE!!!

At that was just the first night!

Saturday was jam packed as well….

George Barna shared some amazing things.  I was able to stop by his seat and just visit with him and got some great insights into my book!

Jim Henderson shared and I learned that he has a passion for women in the workplace… Who knew?!  So, afterwards we were able to engage in conversatoin about that and he signed his latest release for me!

I met this very neat gal (Deanna Schroeds) and we headed to lunch, heads swimming.  We sit down with a couple of other ladies we hadn’t met.  Before we knew it, we were sitting at lunch with Paul Young.  (Kind of surreal!)

After lunch, Mary DeMuth led off…  So many good things came out of her mouth, but my favorite was this… we serve the great I AM, not the great I was or the great I will be….

And Joel Clark – There is nothing Secular once you have embraced the christian life.  WOW – re-read that….  HOW TRUE!

And this humble giant – Peter Stroebel.  He’s known as the most connected man in the US (maybe the world).  Here’s the thing…. his heart is what makes others connect with him.  He may know everyone… but it comes from his caring for others.  WOW is all I can say.  I think he may have been my favorite!

Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to attend a social hour (which was more like a fireside chat) with Peter.  Afterwards, I was able to engage in a conversation with him about Human Trafficking, which ultimately led into a talk about my book, and just great connection…

AND THEN… (I know right…. it just keeps coming!)  Paul Young spoke.  Again.  This time as the key note.  (Still in jeans and a button down shirt!)

What a great last evening there.

Sunday was just breakfast and a panel discussion.  OK, well I “accidently” sat down at the same table as Ester, the head of the conference, Peter Stroebel and Jim Henderson.  Crazy…

Only an amazing God could work things out like he has the past week.  On Friday, I would have paid money to stay home.  I was hating leaving the kids.  On Sunday, I was so blown away, I could hardly process it all!

And then…..  Then Tom drove and got this guy home!


The celebraties are great, but this is where I belong.  This is my family, and the faces in this photo are what life is all about for me.  My step-son Matt is a Marine, and he is home for a week.  NOTHING is more precious to me that seeing his dad tear up when he gets to go pick him up, or seeing Matt’s smile when he agrees to go talk to his twin brothers classes at school, or, or, or.  That is blessing.  That is abundance!

Psalm 139 tells us that God’s thoughts for us out number the grains of sand on the beach.  I’m so amazed and humbled by the thought that he cared enough for me to arrange all that he has in the last week.  I think I didn’t just get a few grains, but I got a whole bucket full.  THANK you sweet Jesus.  For your love.  Only God could arrange this.  All of it.  I love the divine appointments I had, but what I love so much more is that it was GOD.  His love for me.  Not matter if I ever publish a book, I am famous in his eyes.  He loves me this much.  and more.  WOW…

And guess what.  He loves you that much too.  Now that is being Star Struck!  By the creator of the stars!