Last week my husband stole me away for a trip to Mexico.  We read books and sat on the beach.  We interacted with the locals, and ate our fair share of Mexican cuisine.  Sunday afternoon we walked in the door, excited to see the littles. (Who, by the way aren’t so little anymore!)  The first thing out of sweet Emma’s mouth was “Mom… did you hear about Hillary?  She’s 10.  10 years old and we had been gone for a week, and what she wanted to make sure we knew first wasn’t that she missed us or loved us.  She wanted us to be up to date on the latest drama of this election.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Her world view was being shaped and formed by…. well, this.  This will be the first election that she remembers.  (sigh)  And my boys are 14.  By the next election, they will be voting.

I don’t do politics.  I don’t trust the media.  I cringe at conflict over which candidate.  Honestly, it all just makes me beyond frustrated.  But, this week, it has been hard to avoid.

In the midst of praying for answers, God has opened my eyes to the total depravity of our nation.  And the sick feeling in my stomach only subsides when I remember that I belong to the one true king.

Friends, how are we looking at some of this and not absolutely having a fit?

You all know that I am a huge advocate for Human Trafficking.  Right?  So, I get that I view things through an altered lens.  But come on…..  This Jeffery Epstein, Sex Island, Lolita Express, Underage girl trafficking thing….  It has me undone.  Un.DONE.

Record of Bill Clinton traveling there anywhere from 26-40 times.  That is bad enough.  But Hillary Clinton traveling there 6 times?  Seriously?  How.Does.This.Happen?  How do we look past this?  How do we say, well, I’m sure she didn’t know or participate in what was going on there?  Friends, reports say that there were as many as 40 underaged girls on the island.  40!  This is just the girls from age 12 -17….

In case you aren’t up to snuff on Human Trafficking…. If a girl is under 18, you do not have to prove force, fraud, or coercion.  They cannot consent.  Period.  So, Epstein should have faced 40 counts of human trafficking.  His charges and sentencing?  One count related to prostitution with a minor. Epstein registered as a sex offender and served, partly in home detention (at his mansion), just 13 months of a 19-month sentence.  I can only shake my head at the corruption behind this sentence.

And Trump?  Well, apparently they are friends as well.  While records show either 1 or no trips to the “island” it is not debatable that the two were “friends.”

So, we have both candidates connected to a mega rich pedophile who has an exclusive island for horrific sexual acts…

And then…  as if it weren’t already too much to handle, Wikileaks releases an email Friday indicating that John Podesta, the campaign chairman for HIllary, was invited and attended a “Spirit Cooking Dinner”  Yes… Satanic worship.  Evidence that Truth.Is.Stranger.Than.Fiction.  Seriously…. we couldn’t make this up if we tried.

I know that these are only pieces and portions of so much information that is out there.  But here’s the thing.  This is the US Presidential Election.  What if it is only half true?  How can we really know what is true and what is diry political fighting?  STILL….  These are the people that will represent our country?  Really?  Pedophile, Satanic Worship?, I mean, it seems we expect lying, cheating, etc… but this???  and we’re just turning a blind eye.  And my heart just hurts.  God forgive us.

It feels like we’ve fallen so far as a nation.  When I was a kid, it was a big thing if the candidate for president did or did not smoke marijuana one time in college.  Now, my kids watch tv and listen to ad after ad of such horrific stuff being repeated.  I can’t begin to explain or understand it as an adult, much less determine how to do that with my kids.

Thursday night, I prayed with and for the youth in our area for a couple of hours.  We focused on how God judged the good Kings.  “They did what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord.”  God is in the restoration business.  He can make beauty from ashes.  We prayed for a road to Damascus encounter for the candidates and especially for whoever God choses to be President.  We fixed our eyes on Jesus and prayed that he would shape the world view of the generation that is rising up.  That he would use this ugliness to bring him Glory.

I don’t have voting advice.  I do however, have praying advice.  Pray that God leads and guides this nation.  Pray that he withholds his anger and relents his judgement.  Pray that as you prepare to vote that he leads you.  And pray for the Spirit of Truth to Prevail.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

Father God, I pray that you would bring to light truth.  That as we close in on this election and work towards moving forward as “One Nation Under God.” that you would lead and guide.  It seems we don’t know what to believe and stand in awe and disgust at what we are hearing.  God you know truth, and you judge.  I pray that you would give us hearts to love like you love.  Give us eyes to see what you see, and ears to hear what you hear.  We want to live out our faith in real ways and walk in your ways.  We pray for the hearts and salvation of both presidential candidates.  We pray that you encounter them in magnificent new ways and that you release a spirit of truth over them.  Forgive us as a nation for our transgressions.  Establish our identity rooted in you and not in the things of this world.