First of all, my little angel is asleep and giving me some unexpected time to blog while Tom and the boys are at church … What a blessing (Both Emma and the quiet time!) 

Over the last few days, I’ve been riding along watching God lay out plans before me.  Seems he is working at revealing himself to me in so many ways.  (At times I’m afraid I’m not keeping up!)  With that blessing, also comes trials.  I’m amazed how I can feel so spirit led in parts of my day, and then something happens on the home front and my emotions take control and I spend 1/2 hour venting to myself and God! 

I’m working on 2 talks right now and it’s so hard to walk through the mud and encourage others at the same time.  I know people love it when we are real people.  I get that.  I is just hard to stand up front and “give advice” when you know how short you fall in following it each day.  God’s grace covers that and he made me human, so I will continue to rinse the mud off and plow forward.  I need to also remember to be real and vulnerable, lest I forget that we need to help one another.  No happy facade must go on all the time. 

While many may see us as beautiful, I think each of us at times looks in the mirror at our reflection and says…. eeewwww… new wrinkles and tired eyes.  I’m praying today that he can make me fresh and new from the inside out.  That he might allow me to reflect Him from the inside, and that He would elimate the Worldly comparisons and emotions and let me turn my eyes upon eternal things…