Oh, to live life through the eyes of a child.  Tonight was the first time that I remember that all 3 of the kids RAN to the window to see a rainbow.  While we were eating supper, a rain shower came.  I commented, I bet we’ll see a rainbow, and sure enough…. 

The kids were so precious.  As soon as I looked out back and saw it, they ran to the deck windows and were squealing.  I had forgotten how fun rainbows were  Carter was screaming – get the camera mom….  So I did! 

I’m a bit sad I didn’t take any of them and their excitement.  Hopefully it will be a moment that is etched in my mind forever.  (It really was sweet)  Carter even asked if he could borrow my car to quick run and look for the pot of Gold….  (I promptly explained his pot of gold was his mama!) 

I still smile thinking about this.  Thank you Lord for this might reminder of you ability to change things go quickly.  From Sunshine to rain, click.  But then, you bless us with this beautiful arch of color and joy. Just a touch of the beauty you hold fo rus.  Thank you for letting us slow down and truly appreciate it.  To soak it in and to be in awe of your beauty.  Thank youf or kids who have such great hearts and can bring their  parents smiles in what seems like endless ways.  We are so blessed.  Love you Lord….