Peek A Boo – I’ve done it a million times, and it still brings laughter.  My kids have gotten older and the game has changed, but I can remember their first giggles coming from this sweet innocent game.  I would cover their sweet infant faces with the blanket, and suddenly drop it and say “PEEK A BOO”  Honestly, I smile as I write this.  Such vivid memories of their smiles before they even knew how to giggle.  (chubby cheeks and all)  If you’re a parent, I KNOW you are tracking with me here!

I imagine our relationship with God a bit like that.  We hide behind the blanket, attempting to mask ourselves.  Every once in a while we pop our head out and say Peek a boo God.  And he giggles and he delights in us.  Just in our simple acknowledgement of Him.  He doesn’t get sick of it. He doesn’t get bored with it.  He giggles at us each and every time.  Because he delights in us.  He wants to know us.  He wants us to draw near to him so he can draw near to us.  WOW!

Do you play peek a boo with God?

Do you play peek a boo with God?

Monday mornings are staff meeting for me.  Our team gathers and prays, and discusses business.  Often we then do some sort of book study.  Today marked chapter 1 in our new book – The 7 longings of the Human Heart.  Let me just say, I’m excited.

As we talked about God’s desire to ENJOY US….  my heart skipped a beat.  You see, I know he loves me.  Without doubt.  I know I will spend my eternity with him and it will be glorious.  I know that I love him.  I know that he delights over me with singing.  (Zeph. 3:17) All of those things. I know them.

But this.this concept that he wants to enjoy me?  Let’s just say it gave me something new to think about.  One of the stories shared was about a gal who simply ended her prayer by asking God to enjoy her, and how that changed her.  I’ll be honest, it never crossed my mind to ask God to enjoy me.  (I think I would have said that seems rather self serving)

But, as I’ve processed, here’s the thing.

I want to not be so busy doing for God that I don’t take time to spend with him playing Peek a boo.  I want to spend time with him so that he can enjoy me.

I don’t want to spend so much time doing “other” things that I forget the giggle of the Lord when I play Peek A Boo with Him.  If I can peek at him throughout the day, whenever I have a spare second, why wouldn’t I?  How often throughout the day do I look at my smart phone when I should be playing Peek a Boo with my Heavenly Father?

As much as I loved to play Peek a Boo with my kids, I think that approaching my relationship with God this way may just change things.  If I envision him giggling and enjoying me when I pop my head up – even if just for a quick 30 seconds, it might just shape my prayer life differently.  After all, do I pray for my benefit or to bless him?

How about you?  Are you playing Peek a Boo with God?  Have you thought about this concept of God enjoying you?