So…  Lysa TerKeurst on her blog talked about picking a word to pray over each of your family for 2011.  I have been praying over this process and have my “tentative” words picked! 

Carter – Peace
Caleb – Confidence
Emma – Joy
Matt – Desire
Kendra – Restoration
Tom – Fullness

So…  I’m going to scour the bible for verses that speak to each of these and pray into them over the next year.  (Can you tell I’m goal orientated?)  I’m also anxious to share with my family what word I’ve chosen for them and why I picked it:-) 

Over the next several months you’ll likely see and hear more about these words.  For now, I encourage you to consider “words” of your own for your family.  Maybe it’s not your thing…   That’s ok… I’d welcome you to pray for my family with the words listed 🙂 

More to come….