Is it Enough?

You see, when God says give…. we can’t get hung up on our “is it enough?” God decides when enough is enough and when you need to give. We are just called to listen.

And today, with these girls, I could see God smiling; almost chuckling. In addition to just depositing the money, I was able to chat with these three girls about the orphanage for the special needs kids. How in that country if they are special needs, they throw them away (literally) and no one wants them because they are considered a curse.

All of this is about so much more than $27.28. SO…SO… much more.

Seriously? You too? (Stories of Women of Faith Touching lives!)

I’m not certain that I had ever heard the audible voice of God before. I can tell you that I haven’t heard it that clearly since. With my eyes closed in worship, he was calling me. “Jen, this will be you some day. You will be the one up in the stadium in front of the women sharing. I want you here. Trust me.”

If this hadn’t been such a holy moment, I’m certain I would have laughed. Instead I wept. I stood there, with tears streaming down my face.

I’m Fired?

Grace does not mean that there aren’t consequences. In fact, many times it is just the opposite. At the very beginning of the bible, in Genesis, we see accountability for our actions. If God would have just said to Eve, It’s ok if you eat that fruit… well, the Bible, and our life would look completely different. Instead, God loved Adam and Eve, even though they sinned and made bad choices. He loved them, but there were still consequences. It’s foundational to our beliefs as Christians.

Joining my friends today…

I'm over at the Solio Deo Gloria Sisterhood site today sharing the post on porn.  I'd love for some of my friends to stop by and show them some love! SolioDeoGloria Sisterhood Post

Wakeup Call

I’ve written this post in my head a hundred times in the past week. At first I contemplated writing it differently, but then I realized that if none of us talk about the real stuff, if none of us share because it is embarassing, or because we want to protect our kids, or a variety of other reason, well, then, we will all think we are the only ones. So, while it is hard to share, I feel like someone has to be the brave one that says let’s link arms and fight this battle together, instead of hiding in shame.