For those of you who follow along, you’ll remember in my last post I talked about reading the bible in 90 days.  Well… 90 days with speaking engagements and overnight travel is killer -just saying!

And then… then I get stuck on something and it is SO hard for me to move on.  It’s because, it’s about obedience.

Moses had a connection with God, that’s for certain.  But here’s what sticks out to me and has me a bit in a tizzy.  Moses struggled with obedience.  And, I would almost say a bit of familiarity and tradition as well.  (whew, guess that makes us all normal!)

Let me guide you a bit.  You see, in Exodus Moses struck the rock and water came out for the people to drink.  The Lord had said he would stand before him, and he did, and water came out.

However in Numbers the Lord specifically told him he was to speak to the rock.  And instead, he struck it.  Not once, but 2 times, and water came out.    You see, even though it was God’s plan for Moses to speak to the rock, Moses struck it.  Perhaps because that is what had worked before.  (Don’t we all do that sometimes, lean into what has worked before?)  Perhaps it was because he didn’t listen well, or perhaps it was because he wasn’t obedient.  We don’t know that answer with certainty.

Here’s what we do know.  Because Moses wasn’t obedient……  He didn’t get to go into the promised land.  The land of milk and honey.  The land that he had labored for so many years for to take his people to.  And he DIDN’T GET TO GO!  And he only complained a little bit.  (I’m thinking I would have a tiny temper tantrum!)

But here’ s my ah-ha…  Just like Moses didn’t get to see the promise land because he wasn’t obedient, what have I missed out on seeing because I wasn’t obedient?  Because truth is, I have been disobedient in some pretty major ways over the years.  And, well, Moses, he obeyed and got water out of the rock, he just did it differently than the Lord told him.  Seems fairly innocent right?

I’m certain that in my own independence, in my own familiarity with “how things are” that I have disobeyed God.  And, I’m sure you have too!  OH how I long for the things that God intended to use me for and bless myself and others with.  The things that I so casually passed by.

Here’s the really great news.  We know Jesus.  And because we know him, we know we are set free.  And who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

As we step into the final stages of holy week, as we reflect on the savior, may we not loose sight on our humble beginnings.  May we be reminded again that we too, should not be allowed to enter the promised land, the land of milk and honey.  If not for Jesus and Grace, we would be standing next to Moses watching our people step into the promise that the Lord had for them while leaving us behind.

How about you… where have you lacked obedience.  Perhaps now is the time to repent and to follow whole heartedly!