Obedience and Preparation… sound like big words don’t they!  Today was a day that I got to experience both of them. 

I was driving to LeMars for a meeting today.  While I was on the road, I was praying for my friends Niki and Deanne who are preparing for a mission trip to India.  Then…  I felt God nudging me to go to Goodwill before my meeting.  (For those of you that know me, I was on Jen time, so I didn’t exactly have time for this, but….)  I just had this sense that there would be 2 identical containers/oil pots there.  At this point, it wasn’t really an option to not go, so I did.  I also had in the back of my mind that I’d look at this dresser that I had seen there last week too…  Well….  the dresser was sold, but as I walked up and down the aisles, there they were – two dark brown awesome looking little jars/pots that were like minature oil pots.  Perfect.  (Like I had to doubt!) 

I grabbed them and headed up to the check out.  And… sitting right there was some old silverware.  (something that I had been on the lookout for – Smile:-)  It was a double portion of blessing.  Had I not listened to his nudging, I would have missed out… how often do I do that in a days time??? 

Of course, I couldn’t wait to give my dear friends their new “jars”.  At harp and bowl tonight, I delivered.  As I was sitting there and soaking and praying, God opened my eyes to some of the significance of the Widows Oil.  God totally conviced me of all of our needs for preparation.  How for the widow with the jars, he provided all that she needed.  BUT… she had the faith to trust in that.  and she had enough to keep pouring out and not run dry.  This is a season of preparation.

For Niki and Deanne, it is for a journey to India.  A journey that I feel god is calling them to “be prepared” for.  To be undone by him NOW, before they leave.  To be so filled with him before they go that they can’t help but pour it out onto those they are ministering to.  Like God is saying, don’t just wait for something amazing to happen in India, Get so close to me here that your jars are all full and overlowing.  Then when you go, you’ll know that I am providing for you.. again, and again and again… Wow… 

And then their are the virgins with the lamps of oil…  Some went into the wedding feast with their bride groom… And some hadn’t prepared and were gone looking for oil.  Different story, same application… Preparation…. 

At this point I was feeling great about being in His presence and feeling him speak to me.  And then… (yep – there’s more)  He very clearly convicts me and says – “this isn’t just for NIki and Deanne…. this is for you too.  What are you doing to prepare Jen.  Is your heart so overflowing with me that you don’t know where you end and I begin?  Are you looking to be undone by me?  Ori s it more about “head” knowledge – knowing more, learning more, etc.  I just want you…. 

So… while I’m not going to give up on reading my bible or learning more about God…. I am going to get to him more. 

Know more about Him, or know HIm – I chose to know Him.  Spend time learning about God, or spend time with Him???  I chose time with Him… 

Tonight my prayer is one of preparation.  God, I want to be undone by you.  I want to feel that closeness with you!  I want my heart full of you, not just my head.  I don’ want to drift, I want to experience a new level of you each day…  Prepare me Lord… for whatever you have in store for me. 

And his final words for me tonight… 

Lots of people can teach about God – I want you to help them know me….