It’s that time of year.  Everyone is picking a word for the years, or declaring their New Years Resolution.  Today, I’m challenging you.  Instead of focusing on what you need to stop doing, I want you to focus on what you need to start doing.

God created each of us with a plan in place.  Jeremiah 29:11 – for I know the plans I have for you.

Deep within us, I think most of us know what that plan might be.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose, or earth shattering.  Often, it is small and simple.  But it will take courage.

So, as you look back at 2013, and then forward to 2014, take an inventory.  How did you progress in 2013, and what small steps forward can you take in 2014?

Yesterday I was able to listen to a teaching by Banning Liebscher where he  talked about how we have to grow roots before we can produce fruit.  Maybe 2014 is a year of continuing to grow roots.  Maybe it’s spending more time in Gods word and seeking his voice.  Maybe 2014 is the year that you start to produce fruit, because you’ve been growing roots for years.  Both require courage and trust in God.

He also talked about David.  God’s plan for his life was made obvious early on.  He was to be King.  But instead of plucking him out and setting him apart, God sent him right back to the field, to take care of sheep.  And then, after a taste of the royal life and fame, he sent him to a cave, with a group of people – his community.   (Imagine, being in a cave with a group of people – talk about a management nightmare!)  The point, we need time to prepare and we need community.

So, as I look to 2014, I’m focusing on growing my roots and embracing my “community.”  And I’m looking at the dream that God has given  me, and inching forward.  I’m stepping out in confidence and trusting that if I work on the roots and the community, that God will take care of the fruit.  After all, if it is his plan, and I’m put forth the appropriate effort, in his time, the fruit will come.

How about you?  What will 2014 hold for the dream God has planted deep inside of you?

If this concept resonates with you, perhaps you can be further inspired.   You can watch more of this teaching here….


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