My mom and I were able to spend a little time together today.  She had been gone for 3 weeks.  (South, so I WAS coveting!)  She and Caleb got the opportunity to read a book together, and it was so precious!  Too often I am afraid we are too busy for what the kids need.  Caleb was SO proud of having read the entire book to his grandma.  And she was so patient in listening and asking questions and loving on him.  It was a good reminder to me of what a good mom she is, and was when I was his age.  Guess I better kick it in gear a bit!  🙂 

We have been cleaning, disinfecting, and combing this week at our house.  Good thing we had a slick day and a late start.  Unfortunately, Emma came down with nasty little head lice.  Most people probably wouldn’t blog about that, but I’m all about not living in shame and realizing what is within our control.  This was not.  SO….  we have all washed and combed and washed and combed.  Tom (BLESS HIM!) did 15 loads of laundry in 2 hours at the laundry mat.  (who would think we have that many sheets and comforters!  That is all he did! CRAZY!  Anyway, another 10 or so loads here and we were done!  UGH! 
To top it off, Emma ended up getting a “mom” haircut.  (Poor thing!)  Going to a salon wasn’t an option until we knew she was in the clear and her hair was quite long.  Knowing we will be doing ALOT of brushing and combing for a while, I thought it might save a few tears (Hers and Mine!) if we gave it a trim.  The more I tried, the shorter it got because she wouldn’t sit still.  So, it’s still not straight, but it was much nicer tonight after her shower to not have her scream and try to pull away! 
This morning Emma was sititng on the couch snuggling with Meiko.  Tom made me come look because it was a rare moment when they weren’t tossling and fighting with one another!  They are like siblings, argue and then love on one another.   
Aren’t they cute!  God has blessed us! 
Tonight I was working on some COMPEL stuff and Emma was helping.  She wrote notes, and then posted them on the office wall.  Her own artwork!  (Or to do list, not sure which!)  I had to snap a photo because she was so proud and it was so cute!  Sometimes you just have to smile at the things they do! 
OK – Tom just got home from church, so I should talk about his day today!