www.jensandbulte.comI’m gripped with the thought of what the week will hold.  As we glide cross the states, I watch the barren landscape below and marvel at God’s creativity.  Snowcapped mountains glimmer in the distance as we glide over deep dark valley’s.  White fluffy clouds speed past like some strange special effect in fast forward.  At times it’s so bright I have to squint.  Other times it’s so dark and depressing.

I’m heading to Phoenix.  Once a year I wrestle through the reality of this trip.  I’m leaving my family for 6 days to pray for victims of human trafficking, for rescue and freedom.  In the warm desert sun, I’ll sit at the feet of Jesus and pray.


This flight, leaning my head against the window and simply starting out, has so much perspective on what the week holds.  As thousands across the nation join us in their homes, we gather as a team on site.  Each of us seeking breakthrough and justice.  To be certain, their will be dark spots.  Places along the way when I can barely catch my breath because of the evil and wickedness that seem so prevalent.  However, history has taught me to look past the evil.  To focus my eyes on my redeemer.  He is the bright snow capped mountains, glistening with hope and beauty.  His glory will prevail.  As far as I can see are hills and valleys.  This week will be full of both as well.

As you follow along, know that in the valleys, the times when we are waiting for break through, when we can only see the evil that is right in front of us, the snow capped peaks are so close.  God is a God of righteousness, and He will surprise us is many ways this week.  He has a way of showing up and washing our doubt away.  The same God that can move mountains, that set the stars into place, and washes us clean, he is still the God in control.

I’m reminded of the verse

“Set your mind on things above and not on Earthly things.”  Col. 3:2

When you fly, you can look down at the peaks and valleys, and be in awe of God.  You can also look up, and find the same awe.  I always feel like I’m just a bit closer to heaven when I’m up in the air.  And if I shift my gaze, if I look to the heavenlies, the view is consistently beautiful.  Crystal blue turquoise sky that goes on forever.

If I can but fix my eyes on things above, it makes the evil that we encounter in Human Trafficking pale in comparison to His Glory.  I know that this horrendous sin breaks God’s heart.  He has shown me that time and time again.  However, I also know that the things of this Earth are temporary.  One day, God will send forth justice.  For now we watch and pray.  We intercede on behalf of those who are held captive.  But one day, one day Jesus is coming again.  One day, we will all answer for our actions.  God’s plans are bigger than our plans.  So much bigger.

I don’t pretend to be ok with it. If I was, trips like this wouldn’t continue to happen.  But, I have learned to be ok with God’s timing and God’s plan.  I’ve learned to pray, God show me your heavenly plan.  Reveal yourself to me, and give me discernment to understand.


Just as quickly as the peaks and valleys came, clouds covered.  I’m reminded how quickly God can change things.  Within seconds, I’m no longer able to see the Earth.  What a stark reminder that God changes things quickly.  Perhaps this week, it will be in the life of just one victim, or one john, or one trafficker.  Perhaps more.

While we wait on this side of heaven, we know that we see in part and know in part.  Until that day when we see in full, teach us Lord to trust in your plan, in your way.  Trusting that as our wheels touch down, and I assume my posture on the ground, that my heart posture stays with eyes shifted up, Looking up to Jesus.