2000 years ago the shepherds’ waited in anticipation.  This Christmas, I want to be a Shepard.  As they tended their flock of sheep, an angel of the Lord appeared and announced the arrival of Jesus.  Can you imagine it?  These humble, quiet, loner guys out keeping track of their fluffy friends, and (tada… ) an angel appears.    Isn’t that just like God to send the angels to the most humble people he can find?  Today we tend to think that only mega church or ministry leaders can teach us.  My prayer is that we would seek encounter.  That we would understand that God still speaks to common folks.

I want to be a shepherd.  A 2013 Shepherd.  I want to guide a flock.  Maybe it’s my kids.  Maybe it’s the people find along the way to love and minister to.  Maybe it’s the ladies that I speak to throughout the year.  Maybe it’s whoever reads this blog.  It doesn’t matter to me who it is.  What matters is that I’m obedient to God and shepherd whatever flock he leads me to and that I press in and listen to him.  And I want to do it humbly.  Truth is, humility is something that I have struggled with.  I think I often get too proud and too confident.  My prayer is that Jesus will keep me humble, like the shepherds’.

I want to be a shepherd.  I want to wait in anticipation for the coming of Jesus.  Yes, the Jesus born on Christmas day.  The same Jesus that died on the cross and rose again to forgive my sins.  That Jesus.  I wait in anticipation for… that Jesus.   You see… He’s coming again.  He was born on Christmas day to fulfill the prophecies.  But that isn’t where the Old Testament prophets stopped.  Yes, we read about the birth of Jesus, but much more than that, we read about him coming again.  I want to be a shepherd waiting in eager anticipation for Jesus to come.  AGAIN.

I was thinking tonight of movies and how many people can recite quotes from movies, line after line after line. (I have never understood this…)  My question is, how many of us can recite the bible, line after line, after line?  What if we read it like a movie script.  A trilogy maybe…  The first feature – Jesus I, the birth.  Then we wait patiently for Jesus II, the cross, another award winner.  And we stand inline for days waiting to get into the next release…  Jesus III, He’s coming again.  Problem is, no one knows when it releases.  So all we can do is wait in line, and recite our favorite sayings from the first two films.  There will NEVER be a film that compares to this story.  And it’s not history that we are looking back on.  It’s present day, real life stuff.  Yes, he was born in a manger, yes, he died on a cross….  BUT, if you are a bible believing Christian, you know that HE IS COMING AGAIN.

There’s this song that is pretty fun.  Not exactly harps and serendipity….  But fun all the same this time of year.  A great reminder of what we need to wait in eager anticipation for.

He’s not a baby in a manger anymore, He’s not a broken man on the cross

He didn’t stay in the grave, and he’s not staying in heaven forever.


This Christmas, as you reflect on his birth, consider joining me as a shepherd.  Humbly walking with a flock, eagerly awaiting his return.  Now that is a reason to celebrate!