So, where to begin… I finally got to New Orleans Tuesday. Needless to say Monday was one thing after another. By the end of the day, when I was sitting at the mc donalds drive through hearing they were out of salads and thinking… Really. All I could was laugh.

Yesterday I spent some time prayer walking and getting a feel for the city. Wow… That sums it up. At times it seemed so evil and icky that breathing was hard. But then as I walked and prayed and looked at peoples eyes I saw what I think Jesus would see. I didn’t see scantily dressed women, or men looming for pleasure. I saw pain and hurt. Behind the image that was projected was just hurt. It’s what’s on the inside that counts and these are gods children created in his image. He intended for them to be used for his glory. I can imagine him looking down and crying.

The attack on the sexual senses is so strong here. And the stories We are hearing about trafficking are beyond imagination. I can’t share much here in the public forum but just ask that you continue to pray for rescues as well as for the traffickers to give their heart to Jesus. Also that the johns would not be buying…

In the midst of darkness is a statue of jesus. It’s really pretty cool. At might his shadow covers the church. A huge reminder that he is right here. This culture has some very intermingled views of faith and right in front of the church I’m talking shut are rarely card readers and voo do people. You see, it doesn’t appear that their is one true god here but many people who have “faith”. In what is another question.

Today it rained. Hard. And in the middle of our intercession time for trafficking We had homeless people at the door and were able to sit and pray with them. And there again Jesus was so evident. A midst their pains and brokeness and addiction and sickness We were able to see Jesus. You see, he tells us that we are to care for the poor and the needy. These precious ones just needed a bit of him, and We shared scripture and truth. We prayed deliverance and healing. Amd then we sent them back to the street. Back to the evil that was swallowing them before they came in. But, We sent god and hope with them.

So, in the midst of all this, We cling to Jesus. Keep praying. He is here m he is working.