Somedays, it’s good to be the mama.  Today was that day.  There are moments that bring tears to your eyes as a parent.  (for me, because I tear easily, many days like this!) 

Today was that day… 

The boys swam in their first “Swim-a-thon”  Tom and I were both able to go and watch them swim and cheer them on.  For 20 straight minutes, without stopping or complaining, or even looking in severe distress, the twins swam, and swam and swam.  Each time they neared the far end, where we were cheering them on, they just dug deeper and kept going.  Carter swam 19 laps, and Caleb 15.  Honestly, I blink back tears from the 10 minute point on.  (And… Tom didn’t even pick on me for blinking fast!) 

It seems their comes a moment when you realize just how much your little ones are maturing.  Yes, they have gotten taller, and smarter, and have done some incredible things this year.  But watching them with this much determination and pride, as they gutted it out to meet their individual goals and make some much needed money for their Seahawk Swim team, it suddenly dawned on my how mature they were getting.  They were determined, strong, confident young men.  The dedication that they showed was so totally awesome.  Seriously, at 20 minutes they were still going strong.  Exhausted yes, but they were commited to swimming until the whistle blew.  Not a slow, I might not make it kind of swim, but a steady, firm, I can do this type of swim. 

As I helped Carter out of the water I got a hug and a kiss…. (oooohhhh it’s so good…) ON THE LIPS!!!  Yes, in front of everyone!  Oh, it’s so good that they are 8 and willing to kiss me yet.  This to shall pass!  (Although they promise it won’t!)  And then at the other end, Caleb had his smug grin, happy eyes, and a hug for me!  (no kiss from him – bummer!) 

I got some photos and will post as soon as I have some time! 

When we were rehasing the swim, and praying with them tonight, I heard myself telling them that as proud as I was of them, that is only a portion of how proud God is of us everyday.  (And then, again I blinked back tears because I realized that they couldn’t realize how proud I was of them, but I sure did… and the realness of the God of the Universe feeling more than that for me… WOW!)  (Maybe you should re-read this last paragraph…  Even as I write this, tears are spilling.)

Praise God that he knows how to lift us, what portion to give us…  You see, right before the swim a thon, I had just briefly processed that my dear friend from ATLAS, Lynn Boeyink had a very poor report coming out of her surgery for Liver Cancer.   Please, Please, Please keep her and her family in your prayer!