Today my 10 chapers were John 17 – Acts 5

Much of what I read in John was the crucifixion of Jesus.  This is the 4th gospel that I have read this in during my reading time, but for some reason, these words really stand out to me. 

It’s been a week of loss.  Many dear people said “It is finished…” this week.  My grandma’s dear friend, Ruth Elliott.  A dear lady that I worked with at Advance Brands – Marilyn Kruid, My great aunt, Teresa Pick, and sweet precious Jude Willem Kroeze, and then today, Matthews favorite cat Jax.  My heart breaks for each of these families.  Losing those we love can seem unbearable.  I say it all the time, but…  what would we do without faith.

So, “It is finished…”  means something new to me this week.  It means, the walk here on Earth is done.  But… “it” hasn’t yet begun.  Our eternity in heaven, Jesus coming again to Earth and brining heaven with him…  that has yet to begin.  So… while we focus on the “end,” I’m so glad that we know that we haven’t even began eternity.  And while what seems unbearable today for so many is hard, we get to have the assurance that because we believe that He died on that cross, that He defeated Satan, that He rose again and then ascended into heaven, we get to have life for forever.  Life as we know it will end, but as always, God has big plans for us.  Plans for eternity.  We can’t imagine his glory, but soon, (and if things keep up at the rate they were this week, sooner than we think:-) we will be with him and experiencing joy we can’t even begin to imagine. 

“Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for obedience and for dying on the cross.  Thanks for takin Satan, so that we can all “rise from the dead” into eternity!  We are so unworthy of claiming the benefit of the suffering that you had.  May we praise you and worhip you and may you find hearts full of love and gratitude.  We know that for many this week, their present life ended.  We pray supernatural peace for their families as they transition into the new day.  And until the day comes, when you return and say the final “It is finished” may you find us seeking you and your will.”