changeenoughMy friend Niki has a heart for disabled kids in India.  She inspires me in so many ways.  Earlier this Spring she challenged all of us to give just our spare change.  That what we have as excess in our pockets could make a big difference in the lives of these kids, and for this orphanage.

And she started collecting change.  And challenging us to collect change.  And I did.  I had good intentions and I continued to collect change in my change jar.

The problem is, I didn’t ever get my change to her.  This past weekend I was tidying up the laundry room, and the change jar was right there.  I thought about how I had never gotten that change to her, and thought – well, it’s really that much change.  I’ll just wait until I have more, or maybe I’ll just write a check.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Driving home from work, I noticed that one of Emma’s friends was having a lemonade stand and thought that it would be fun to take Emma.  I stopped by home, ran in the house to grab Emma and went to the change jar to “steal” some change, to pay for the lemonade.  As I tipped the jar to get some change out it shattered.  In my hands – crash.  And there, on the floor lay all the change from my change jar.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at God!  It was almost like he slapped my hand and said – “Hey…. that change is for my orphans, stay out!”

After I bandaged up my hand, I cleaned up the glass, and picked up every single coin individually and put it in a box.  All the time, just smiling at God.  I couldn’t help but thing of the analogy – his blood was enough.  The little bit I bled cleaning this up was a good reminder – HE is enough.  Why do I doubt?


Today, I took some of Emma’s friends and we deposited that change in the bank, in the account my friend Niki had set up.  $27.28.  Yep – just $27.28.  But God used this $27+ to teach some powerful lessons.

You see, when God says give…. we can’t get hung up on our “is it enough?”  God decides when enough is enough and when you need to give.  We are just called to listen.

And today, with these girls, I could see God smiling; almost chuckling.  In addition to just depositing the money, I was able to chat with these three girls about the orphanage for the special needs kids.  How in that country if they are special needs, they throw them away (literally) and no one wants them because they are considered a curse.

All of this is about so much more than $27.28.  SO…SO… much more.

And now, well now God is saying I need to ask you all to join in.  Will you collect just your spare change?  Maybe you’ll send it (or a check) to me for my friend Niki.  Maybe you can use it as a learning lesson for your kids.  Maybe you have ministry or mission that you are passionate about.  But, will you join in.  Will you not think that one person has to give a lot, but that if we all give something, that God will use that little thing to do big things?