God’s love is so lavish.  And sometimes he pours it on us.  I’m just back from a trip to Lincoln Nebraska for a You Lead conference and Beth Moore live. 

I’m not going to write in detial tonight, as I’m just processing.  You see, Beth was great, but what was so amazing to me was how I was able to witness God pouring His love on me. 

Honestly girls….  it has undone me.  From Thursday when I connected with one of the speakers in a way that is hard to describe (but will hopefully mean we can continue to build a relationship and share passions!) to the love poured out on me by our generous hosts Michelle and Leila.  (It was so Christ’s love that they showed in their hospitatlity.)  I mean their is being nice and letting someone stay, and then there is lavishing them with love.  The latter is what we received.  Thinking of these two girls and the amazing time with them makes me sad I’m gone!  (Good thing I have a family at home, or they’d be stuck with me!) 

And then their is Jill.  She is a new friend from Sioux City that rode and stayed with me.  Although we’ve only known each other personally for a very short time, it seems like a lifetime.  We too connected in a way that will never be forgotten and will surely be friends for a lifetime! 

Walking into the stadium on Friday afternoon knowing that 4000 women would be there and that I would have a chance to minister one on one to some of them during prayer time was overwhelming.  All the chairs were empty.  It was just surreal and I remember thinking… why are you blessing me like this.  Little did I know that this was the beginning of his blessing for me! 

Front row seats right next to where Beth sat, awesome worship, great teaching…. wow…  I mean honeslty, during worship time on Friday night I was just lifting my hands and literally praising and say thank you to the Lord all at the same time.  It wasn’t just all of the reallly cool special blessings… it was the Holy Spirit I felt.  With 4000 women in the room, it was just Jesus and I and him surgin through me saying – I did all this for you because I love you and I knew you needed it.   And NEED it I did. 

So… he Poured his love on me.  He didn’t sprinkle it or mist it, or toss it, or dump it.  Like a warm shower after working hard outside all day.  It was refreshing and warm and I kept wanting to stay in it because it felt so good. 

More will come on this but for now…. I soaking in what he poured out on me and savoring it. 

I’m humbled that my God love sme this much that he pours himself out on me jsut when I need it!