My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. – John 10:27

Ok – So I just posted this on the Compel Blog, but I had to share here.  I’m seeking more of his voice!  May he give me clarity! 

I have been looking through Joanna’s book again, getting ready for the conference. This part stuck out to me, and I thought I would ask you to ponder it in preparation for the conference.

While we know God speaks clearly to us though the Bible, many of us are unceratin how to hear God’s voice in our spirit. “How does God speak to you?” someone asked the aurthor and speaker Carole Mayhall. I have found her answer immensely practical and helpful:

For me, He speaks by a distinct impression in my heart. He’s never spoken to me aloud, but smpoetimes the thought that he puts in my soul is so vivid that He might as well have! Many times it is just a thougth or an idea that flashes into my mind and I know it is from Him…

Sometimes a thought pops into my mind – a thought so different from what I was thinking, or so creative I never woul dhave thought of it, or opposite to what I wanted God to say to me. When that happens – and it lines up with God’s Word – I know I’ve heard His voice in a distinctive way…

I pray frequently that I will hear His voice more often and more clearly. When I don’t I know He hasn’t stopped speaking; rather, I have stopped listening.

Wow – certainly made me sit down and reevaluate! I praise God and continue to pray that He would give me eyes to see, give me ears to hear, and give me lips to Speak his will!