My lover is radiant and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand.
                                                                           Song of Solomon 5:10

Tonight I have a new found appreciation and longing for my husband.  Too often I take him for granted.  He and Matt are gone this week to a concrete training school.  In the mist of the however many inches of snow that I blew this afternoon, and the kid shuffling and the just needing a second parent in our house, I am so extremely grateful for the wonderful man that God has allowed me to share life with. 

Why does it take his absence to make me fully appreciate his presence here?  And I’m ashamed to admit that I am much that way with God.  I don’t think I fully appreciate all the times that he shows Himself to me and loves on me, until I sense that He is not right there, and then I more fully appreciate the times when He is. 

Tonight as the children sleep (FINALLY) and the weather does what it needs to outside, I am sitting in reverant awe.  Both my earthly and heavenly prince charming are so good to me.  Althought my earthly prince charming is absent this week, my heaveningly prince charming has been very near and present.  I am blessed!  Oh that I would never have to withstand a period of distance with both of them.  (You might not want to bump into me then!) 

Precious Lord – Thank you for spoiling me.  Thank you for your eternal Love and for your presence with me always.  Thank you that you are near and that you long to draw me even closer.  Thank you for your daily provision.  AND Thank you for blessing me with my earthly prince charming.  I so appreciate the new found perspective and appreciation I have for him.  You created him wonderfully and I am grateful that you allow me to share life on this side with him.