Over the past few months, God has been moving in my life.  He’s calling.  My answer lies in waiting. 

You see, their is this term – Human trafficking.  And I’ve come to realize a portion of how it sickens God.  And I can never be the same.  I didn’t learn it through statistics, or videos, or conferences.  Instead, as I was enduring and calling out, He welled up deep within me.  And showed me that I was only feeling a portion of what he feels.  Honestly, I can’t put into words how it felt, how it feels today, or what it might look like going forward.  Pain for both the Earthly and heavenly realms were revealed.  And… never, ever will I be the same. 

You see… it’s here.  Right here, in our communities.  Not in third world countries, not in the BIG cities in the US, but right here.  And… it’s in the big cities and third world countries. 

Let me share some things I learned at a conference in Grand Rapids Michigan in late September…

*  Ever 30 seconds, of every day, a person is trafficked. 
*  AMERICA is the 3rd highest destination country for trafficked in children. 
*  1 women in the sex trade is worth $250,000 to their pimp.  It’s not about sex… this problem is largely due to money.  Imagine if you had 100 of these women working what your annual income would be. 
*  Every month in Atlanta GA, 3000 children trafficed. and in New York – 3500.  (that is more children trafficked in just New York that women that die of breast cancer each year!)
*  Many of the “enforcers” are women.  They lure and keep the others in line.
*  100,000 – 300,000 minors/kids per year in the US trafficked.
*  Avg. age is 12 – older girls are recruiting 8-9 year olds.
*  Of women in prostitution – only 8% of those using drugs did so before they got into prostituion.  92% started taking drugs after they were already being prostituted.
*  Strippers have more post tramatic stress than prostitutes – because of what they say to them!

Places trafficking happens….
*  Political conventions
*  Rose Bowl – estimate 10,000 women trafficked in for it
*  South Dakota Hunting Season

WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT THIS IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA….  and everywhere else.  God’s heart is breaking.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have sung and prayed – break my heart for what breaks yours…  When that happens, well… wow.  The GOOD news is… I have Jesus.  and Jesus whooped Satan.  And his holy spirit lives in me and guides me.  With God all things are possible.  When we look at the statistics, it seems impossible to make a difference.  BUT…. Wait….  if we make a difference for just one, then praise God…. 

As I listened to my dear friend Niki talk today, I was struck by one thing.  IF we are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start… we can start with one thing… PRAYER.  We can all do that.  If we pray for this topic, God hears.  He heard for Niki and spared… and he loves the prayers of his saints… 

Lord God, hear our prayer as well look for guidance on what to do in the midst of this tradegy.  Let us, your people, your church, rise up and fight.  Help us to be who you are calling us to be and to see clearly what that means. God, as we fall on our knees in prayer, we ask that the heavenlies shift.  That your heart is moved, and that Satan is bound.  We ask boldly that you would rescue children even tonight right here God.  And don’t just rescue them, deliver them and restore them.  Only you can bring restoration.  For each of these young ones, surround them with a shield of angels!