I’m inviting you to join me in a week of prayer for Human Trafficking.  I will be joining a team of individuals in New Orleans to pray for the countless victims of trafficking at the upcoming Superbowl.  Our hope is that God would open doors to be able to set captives free.

Tonight – I had to tuck my kids in and tell them I was leaving in the morning.  (At my house, we don’t announce these things to0 far in advance, as it causes needless agony!)

I’ve clearly heard God telling me that none of this is about me.  (for which I’m very grateful!)  So, I step forward in obedience, not really knowing what to expect, but fully knowing that He is up to something!

Tonight I want to share a bit about trying to explain to the kids what I am going to do.  (when I don’t know myself!)  Here’s the thing.  Do you tell a six year old and two ten year olds that you’re going to fight sex trafficking…  well at our house… yes, you do.

You see, a few weeks back the kids were telling me that slavery had ended.  I said oh really… and then we had a little talk.  You see…. we have far more slaves now that when transatlantic slavery was happening…  Slavery did not end… It just became illegal!

So… sitting in our living room, we talked about what Mommy was going to pray for.  I told them that people take or lie to men, women and children and then force them to do yucky things with men.  We talked about how each of these is a child of God, and someone elses child.  And how if someone were hurting one of them, I would want people to pray.  I would want people to do something to help.

Sweet little Emma say – “Do they take mommies?”  so we talked about where I would be and what I personally would be doing.  I told her that no one wanted to take her mommy because I was too old, but that I would make sure I stayed where it was safe.

I know I may handle this different than other parents.  But, I want my kids to understand how real this is, and that it is happening right here.  I want them to be able to talk to me about hard things, uncomfortable things.  I am so proud that they want to join in praying with me.  They are setting aside prayer time each night with daddy to pray for trafficking in New Orleans.

What about you?  Do you want to journey with me….  I’ll be posting on my blog prayer requests and reflections throughout the week.  Join me on the journey that God has me on.  And PRAY that he works in a mighty way!