What happens when God shows up on vacation in the Black Hills in July???  Well, it’s not a blizzard, but it sure looked like it!  HUGE hailstorm.

We had been out riding trails on our first day.  What a day we had.  We traveled a bit over 60 miles and took in some magnificent sights…

We had a picnic in the woods,

And took a bit of hike up a stream…

It really was a perfect first day.  God’s hand was SO evident in everything around us.

Driving back to the cabin we could see the rain clouds building behind us.  We didn’t think much of it, but were happy to get back to the cabin dry.  We thanked Jesus for a great first day, and seriously had no sooner stepped in the cabin when it started raining.

And it only “rained” for a few seconds before it started hailing.  And then, it hailed for half an hour.  It was the craziest thing we have ever experienced, and will certainly be a lifetime memory.

But, GOD showed up.  If we had been on the trails, Oh, I can’t even let myself imagine how horrible it would have been.  One of the neighbors was out and had bruises up and down her side from the hail hitting her.  My sweet little ones would have been petrified.  As i stood in the door of the cabin taking photos and listening to the kids squeal in delight, I couldn’t help but wipe tears and just praise God for getting us back just in the nick of time.  We all stopped and just prayed.  His love never fai