Aaahhh… the end of vacation.  My spiritual cup is full, my kids are in bed, and I am ready for a new week. 

We were able to enjoy a very relaxing and joy filled vacation (minus the crabby kids tonight! you know how it is when you’re home and everyone is tired!  Including mom!!!) 

Not going to post much now, except that I so love a time of refreshing and renewal.  I am seeing things so differently after being away.  Mostly, convicted that I need to take the time to stop doing, and just be with my kids. 

Also, did some reading today in Esther…  feeling God speak to me that I need a time of preparation again.  Not certain what that means, but for Esther it was in preparation to please the king, and then again to ask of him….   I pray tonight for a new burning within to prepare me for Him and His presence…  whatever that may hold!  The good thinng about our God, is that it’s bound to end good:-) 

Night for now….