So…. I made it through the big 20 year class reunion.  Seems odd to think that it was that long ago. 

Even more strange to me was how I can so vividly remember the voices, the laughs, the looks, all of it.  It was like in so many ways we didn’t miss a beat.

You see, I graduated from a class of 17.  One of whom has passed to be with our savior.  In a class this small, everyone was a friend.  We were close and didn’t have cliques too much.  It was great!  Most of the class made it back and we spent 2 evenings together. 

As I was listening to my good friend Bobbi talk, I caught myself laughing at how she hadn’t seemed to change at all.  She was still the Bobbi that I remembered. 

Then it struck me that is much like how God see’s us….  You see, each of us at that class reunion had a story.  Each of us has walked through struggle and trials and bad times.  Yet, when we reunite, that stuff didnt matter.  We were friends and cared for one another.  The others was just yucky details that didn’t matter.  The laughter and mannerisms and faces and smiles were the same. 

And someday, we’ll all be togetherin heaven.  And God will rejoice and celebrate with us.  And whatever we walked through in our time on Earth, God will still not only recognize us, but Love us.  When we laugh, it will bring a smile to his face.  I can imagine him chuckling and saying “Oh that Jen, she always was a talkative one.”  (REMEMBER HE CREATED ME THAT WAY:-))  The good will overcme the times when we let him down.  And, unlike our Earthly human selves, he will have wiped away that past and see us as pure and holy.  WOW!!!! 

So, as I sit here tonight and reflect on the “good ole days”, I’m reminded that one day, I’ll get to do the same with God.  Reflect on how his plan worked out so perfectly in my life.  How he designed it to be just as it is.  How he loves to hear me laugh and rejoices in how I am created… 

Thank you God, for loving me, inspite of me.  Humble me and draw me closer to you so that yours may be the laughter that I hear!