First of all – I have to tell all of my sweet Jesus sisters about the coolest thing that happened to me today. For those of you who don’t know, I’m the coordinator for a women’s conference coming up soon!  (check out if you’re not already in the loop!) 

For the last couple of weeks we have experienced some minor technical difficulties with sign ups. (If you are one of these, please call me!) At any rate, it appears to be an Amazon problem. (That means getting it fixed appears to be a bit of a nightmare!) Randomly, the system choses to not let some of you check out. Yesterday, I was at my wits end with this, and then got news about some minor venue problems. My frustration level was at a bit of a high:-)

Tonight, I pulled into my garage and hanging on the hook that my kids normally put their snow pants on was the cutest little decoration that said “Be Still and know that I am God.” (Which is our theme this year:-) Wow – So, you guessed it, I jumped out to see who had left me such a treat… and… no name. Hmmm…. who could have known and blessed me in such a way??? Friends, it was God. I know he used one of my sweet friends to calm me and my anxious thoughts. To whomever was so clearly listening to him and obedient…. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! I promptly placed it in a spot at home where I will see it often! (And I’m still smiling!)