So… let me start by saying that Sunrise Service in Iowa, is NOTHING like the Sunrise service we got to experience in Florida last year.  Absolutely beautiful! 

However, God has a way of making things beautiful wherever you are.  This morning as I headed out the door alone to our sunrise service (happily night I add – 1 hour on Easter morning to just relish in God’s love all alone!)  I was a bit sad that I wasn’t on the beach in Florida. 

I glanced at my blackberry and quickly read an e-mail that had me weeping before I even got to church.  As we were singing the opening songs, this feeling came over me.  God was speaking, and I just stood there taking it in.  Words can’t really articulate it, but let me try!  (Roll eyes here!) 

Gasp….  It was like I was in the throne room and it was silent.  Complete silence, and the angels… just… gasped…. 

And God spoke to my inner being.  You on earth are rejoicing and singing songs, but the angels gasp…. 

That might not sound like much to many of you, but I was wiping away the tears (the little girls in front of me kept turning around looking at me worshipping to songs and crying…. yeah I was that lady!) 

Then, as Pastor Rick preached out of John 20, it happened again.  That sudden realization that God was moving me.  Rick was talking about how James and peter went to the tomb and then left, and Mary Magdalene was there weeping when the angels appeared to her and then Jesus appeared. 

God clearly spoke to my soul…  “Jen, they were with me.  They sat at my feet and were my closest friends.  I told them what was going to happen, and even as it was happening, they didn’t understand.  Don’t get frustrated when people don’t understand now.”

OH GLORIOUS DAY!  You see, I’ve been needing a bit of my God.  Some whispers were much necessary.  So many things on my heart, so many things I want to shout from the mountain tops.  The e-mail that had me in tears on the way was resolved with God’s whispers. 

I came home filled with joy.  Yes, I’m elated that we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the defeat of Satan today.  However, more than that, he woke me this morning to a reminder that I SERVE A LIVING SAVIOR, he’s in the world today, he walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way. 

It’s my prayer that I can find the narrow way.  That I not get caught up in the world, but that I seek His will and purpose, and that I listen.  Soon we’ll be talking about him leaving so that he can leave behind one even great than him (the Holy Spirit).  WOW – Easter isn’t the end of Holy Week….. it’s the beginning of much more profound, celebratory stuff… 

Thank you Lord, for your moving in me today.  You move and I want more, you speak and I want more, more of your spirit….  Release the fullness of your spirit – Shekina Glory Come!  (if you don’t recognize it, it’s the lyrics one of my favorites!)  If I can figure it out, I’ll play it on my site with this post… No promises though!