Oh my sweet Carter…  He has such a big heart. 

So, I’m still processing this, and therefore, you all get to process along with me! 

Last night I was tucking my little dude in.  We were laying there just finishing up praying and he said to me… “Mom, everynight I pray that God could forgive all their sins.”  (long pause…) 

Carter – whose sins? 

“All their sins mom”

“who is their Carter?”

“THE ENTIRE WORLD MOM”  (yes in that like DUH MOM voice!) “I pray that God would forgive all their sins and mine too.”  (mom, speechless – long pause)

As I was thinking through this, I reassured my Carter that his prayer was perfect and that I thought I would pray it as well.

So today, I’m really thinking about that.  My 8 year is committed to praying that God would forgive the entire world of their sins.  (and his too!)  WOW…  I should be so bold.  I have a hard time forgiving my neighbor and getting over my own “stuff” and my 8 year old randomly shares that he prays this at night in bed when he is going to sleep. 

I think I’m beginning to see what Jesus meant when he said that the we need to enter the kingdom of heaven like little children.  With faith like Carter – to pray for sins to be forgiven.  (And to believe that God is forgiving them!)  To pray for healing, for deliverance, for … for… for… 

Oh, that I could have a child like heart.  Teach me O God.  Reform me and mold me and make me more child like in my faith!