Ahhh….. my tummy is full, and so is my soul.  I just had the opportunity to have an amazing meal, but more importantly, really unexpected, amazing fellowship.  Tom and I were with what I  thought would be a “random” group of people.  It ends up, that nothing is random in God’s plan.  We enjoyed a great evening of conversation (yes, but for those of you who know Tom, his was listening to conversation:-))  We were together to celebrate life.  To celebrate God’s blessings, and to think about those we can help on that journey. 

We also got to share how God is working, and what he’s laid on our hearts in the last month.  As 18 somewhat not used to each other people shared their hearts, I cried.  God, this is what you want from us.  Fun fellowship and open sharing.  Loving each other and being real.  Celebrating in your goodness and holding each other in the trials.  Wow – how do we mess this up, when it is so good when we do it???  And then, we didn’t just say we were going to pray for one another, we did.  YYYEEESSSSS!!!  What I continually long for was happening right before my eyes.  A group that really, really fellowshipped. 

I don’t know what the future holds, Perhaps this group will never meet again like tonight, perhaps we will.  What I do know, is that tonight will stick with me.  And I will make it a point to make more of my evenings out like tonight.  Food, a glass of wine, sincere sharing, and prayer.  Thank you Jesus for the amazing night and the reminder that we can have  “Tangible Kingdom” right here.