We are three days into our romantic getaway, and Tom has pointed out to me multiple times that I keep saying the word phenomenal.

Seriously, it is so fun to be somewhere new and to take in new things. On Thursday late afternoon we took a water taxi to the famous Cabo Arch and Lovers Beach. Both were pretty nice, but even more impressive was the rock structures that surrounded the area. To watch how God made art work out of these rocks was nothing short of phenomenal. Honestly, we walked around looking up and all I could say was “This is phenomenal” In the time that we were there, I took on a whole new appreciation for God and how he creates things. His hand was clearly on this place. Wow…

As we watch the waves pound against the beach each day while we are just hanging out and relaxing, I keep looking to the left and the right and am in awe of the stretches of beach surrounding us. I continue to hear Psalm 139 in my head…. his thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand on the beach. Seriously, Phenomenal. When you are surrounded by beach, this really takes on new significance. I’m certain this is a visual that will stick with me for months ahead!

And then…. last night we went to the sweet little restaurant to each seafood. I ordered shrimp con tres queso, and it was seriously phenomenal. A succulent blend of creamy cheese sauce, bacon, and shrimp medallions. I can’t even begin to describe the explosion of flavor. Tom treats me to a lot of great meals, but this one goes down as one of my all time favorites! (In case you are wondering, Kendra and Matt get more photos of food than any two children should have too! Guess we’ve turned into foodies in our old age!)

Most phenomenal is the fact that my love for my hubby just continues to grow. He seriously is such an awesome guy. Tonight we walked from our hotel to the Marina, and then to a restaurant in the part of town where the people of Cabo live. As we walked through the Marina market and saw small children begging to sell us something, I watched him with compassion. I see his protective side, his loving side, his kind side, his quiet side,and on and on. And I continue to think that it is phenomenal that the Lord chose him for me. WOW….

Phenemonal not only describes my surroundings, but also my dear husband!  And even more than that, I’m stunned by the sheer love of God for little ole me.  Phenemonal!  Thank you Jesus for how you Love me!