We hear about it often at church.  Tithing.  And while there tends to be lots of discussion around it in our personal giving, we hear little about it in the corporate world.

I’m currently leading a group of students in a Strategic Human Resources Class at our local Christian college.  As a part of their coursework, they are partnered with a local business to pray for them.  As we have talked about these prayers, we’ve talked about the importance of praying for the success and profitability of the business.  After all, it is these businesses that sustain our community and provide for the families that live here.  This idea in itself is a bit foreign to so many of us.  Pray for our workplace and community businesses to be profitable?

What is the response to such prayers?  As a faith community we believe that when we pray God hears.  But what is our motive for those profits?  And how do business owners respond?  What does the bible tell us about tithing as a business?

“‘A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to theLord; it is holy to the Lord.”  Leviticus 27:30

In a culture where food production was a primary way of life (farming, fishing, etc.) “everything from the land” would represent their business.  Many would trade fruits, grain and fish at the market.  It was their business.  Right?  So what is this verse saying?  It belongs to the Lord.

How many of our “Christian” business leaders are tithing profits?  Intentionally? I agree many of them are doing good for their communities and charitable organizations, but is it done with intentionality for the Lord, or as a part of a marketing plan?

What if we look at our P&L and immediately put 10% aside for the kingdom?  What if it becomes a part of the budgeting and forecasting process?

I often say, we can’t lead others where we haven’t been.  In the corporate world, I think we as christians anticipate that our team members will tithe, but are we going there as a corporation?  Or do we focus on how we could use that extra money to further the organization or increase wages for employees?  It’s a hard balance right?

I’d challenge you to take a look at both how you pray for your organization, and also how you allocate profits.  Are you giving to the Lord our tithe corporately?

In a very secular world that focus on the value of making a profit, what might happen if we were able to shift our focus and sincerely commit to tithing business profits?  And not just to giving money, but commit to praying how God would have you allocate those funds.  Where is he calling your business to partner and serve?  (yes… tithing of employee time is a form of tithing as well, but that is for a different time!)

I get it.  Many of you don’t have control over how your organizations utilize their profits.  Many of you don’t have access to even see how they disperse profits.  If you are in a position where you have a voice in these decisions, please use it!

If you don’t have a voice in these decisions, it’s ok.  You still have a voice of prayer.  Pray for your organization to be profitable, but don’t stop there.  Pray that the Holy Spirit moves within the leaders and they are prompted to begin corporate tithing as well.  And by all means, do your individual part with your personal tithe.

Imagine the impact world wide if our corporations adhered to the principal of tithing.  Perhaps….  Maybe….  poverty and injustice could be eliminated.  In God’s economy, in His provision, with right hearts.  Maybe?

What do you think of the concept of corporate tithing?  Are you praying for your organizations profitability?  I’d love to hear your input!