Let me start by saying, that if you regularly enjoy using the “facilities” in your house all by yourself, this may not be as comical to you as it is to me….  If you are offended by “facilities” talk, then by all means, consider this your warning, and read no further.  (Whew, now that we’ve got that out of the way…)

The bedtime routine at our house on Sunday evenings, after a weekend of eeiking in a bit later than normal, is well let’s just call it a bit frantic at times.  I HAD to use the restroom, and the boys were upstairs yelling for me, and, and, and…  So, I’m sitting in my little room, and wouldn’t you know it, the door opens.  This sweet little thing comes charing right in.

“Moma, I need you to help brush my teeth.”  REALLY?  NO REALLY?  And as I’m sitting, on the toilet, I AM BRUSHING HER TEETH.  (EEeewww… I know the germ freaks are gagging right now, but honestly, we do what we have to sometimes!)

And then it hits me.  This my child is joy, pure joy.  Faith and in my inner man, I hear this whisper, right before I blurt out to sweet Emma, “Am I really brushing your teeth while I am peeing?”  There we sat.  Me in a precarious position, and Emma with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth…. both of us giggling!  (I know, the visual is almost too much to handle!)

Earlier this week, I was able to take a mini retreat and spend some time seeking the Lord.  I spent time digging into scripture for the word “Joy”  So many reasons for that, and I love it when the Lord uses what he is teaching me to speak to someone else.  (which happened a couple of times this week)  Anyway….  I have been pressing into the Lord for what joy looks like.  I tend to be a fairly intense and serious person, and want to not just be digging for more of the Lord, but want to experience pure Joy in the Lord.  To know that side of him as well.  Tonight he let me know that Joy in Him might look so different than what I had imagined!  (and that he has a sense of humor!)

In 3 John 1:4  we read this…

4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. – 3 John 1:4

You see, as I was complaining to Emma about not being able to have my “alone time” she started her cute little laugh, and the joy that welled up in me was so sincere.  And not only did she experience Joy, but her laughter bought me Joy.

And that is how it is with God.  In my seeking Joy, or experiencing Joy, I bring Him Joy.  So when I am asking him “God, why can’t I have more Joy in you?”  he is whishpering back… It’s not me holding out on you… don’t you know that when you are filled with Joy, that you bring me joy?”

Tonight was that.  CERTAINLY, the circumstances hadn’t changed.  I was still in the restroom brusing Emma’s teeth.  BUT, in just acknowledging the situation, Emma’s innocent Joy unleashed so much Joy in me.  Hmmm….  Now that is joyful!