One phone call, and your life is changed forever.  Earlier this summer, I got that one phone call.  Today my friend Niki did.  Something is wrong with your mama.

Now seriously, I realize that there are so many women hurting because they have been hurt or abaondoned by their mama.  In my case, and in my friend Niki’s case, that is not the case.  We both love our mama’s dearly, and can’t imagine life without them.  WE ARE BLESSED!  This I realize as I meet with women regularly and hear how many of them are hurting from mama issues!  When your mom is one of your best friends, (OK, so she wasn’t necessarily ALWAYS… I was a teenager once!)  it is so hard to watch them hurt.

Tonight Niki will spend her night in the hospital with her mama who was in a car accident.  She will thank the Lord over and over and over again that he spared her.  She will likely lie awake as her mama sleeps and just memorize her face and reflect on it’s sweet beauty.  She will hold her hand and try to speak to her fears before she can even express them.  And, she will pray.

You see, my friend Niki has taught me so much about prayer.  About what it means to live a lifestyle of prayer.  It was lessons that I learned from her that helped me in my darkest nights during mom’s cancer journey thus far.  So, tonight, I’m praying for her and her mama.  (Nana Barb to those who know her!)  And for their entire family.

You see, we never know when things are going to change.  Niki and I had just spent the day on a little “spiritual retreat.”  We were in the parking lot saying goodbye and she was going to head out for a hot walk, and I was going to pick my kids up.  And then… then her phone rang, and her course of action changed instantly.

Part of what I studied in my quiet time today was Joy.  (Which you WILL see more posts about:-)  However, one verse that I was refleting on seems so right for tonight…

Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

This is my prayer for Nana Barb, her dear Husband Rick (who is trying to get home to her…. For Niki, and Roger and their Kids.  For Josh, Deb, and kids…

That they would be joyful in hope.  Hope of the Lord’s hand of grace, and for full recovery and sweet timesr of reflection during the healing time.

Patient in affliction.  As they walk through healing and pain, as they adjust life to care for the mama, as they love in ways that are new to them… patience.

Faithful in prayer.  When things change, we are often bought to our knees.  Sometimes it is in fresh new faith, other times in faithful persevering faith.  May their prayers draw them into a new fellowship with the Lord.  As this time of celebration of his faithful protection sinks in, may they seek him and find him with all of their hearts.

As I write those last words, I get a visual of this automobile accident, and of legions of angels standing guard over dear Barb.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for dying on the cross and for sending your angels to not only protect us, but to fight for us.  Bumps and bruises are nothing…  Satan, the mamas are children of God!  YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!